One of the most difficult aspects of selecting furniture and designing a living space is trying to combine form and function. Because this can be such a challenge, one of the leading sofa makers has decided to showcase various their latest creations in a unique way. This is done by having the new DFS collection showcased with Dinner Party theme experience.

This experience is scheduled to run through the 25th and 30th of October. It is created using sofas and other pieces of furniture the latest collection presented by DFS furniture. This is a great and fun way for prospective furniture buyers to see the most recent creations in a way that highlights the quality and workmanship of the items, as well as displays ways to use them in one’s own home.

There are six dining and lounge spaces in the experience to choose from. Each space is designed to highlight the new products DFS has to offer while showing how they can be incorporated in a prospective buyer’s own home. Visitors can move from setting to setting just as they might in an actual home. The settings range from more formal living rooms to areas that are styled in a casual way for family use. Most people will find a setting that matches the needs they have in their own home.

In addition to the beautiful rooms that are showcased, the experience is also offering several creative and tasty treats from the winner of MasterChef 2018, Kenny Tutt. He will be offering a three-course menu with some of his best recipes for pork stew, fish pie, berry pies and cheesecake. This combined with a variety of cocktails create an atmosphere that is fun, exciting and informative. In addition, he will also be making a delicious brunch dishes as well.

While the experience will also feature several workshops about yoga and hosting a book club at home the main attraction will be the design of the various rooms. By moving through these living spaces, a person can begin to see how colour and style team together to create effects in a room that can be pleasing to the eye as well as provide space for the various activities a family may partake in.

The experience will be held in Bermondesy, London and is titled “Staying Inn”. It will be set up in a large warehouse which highlights how the right furniture, colours and accessories can transform any space into a beautiful and functional living space, and will hopefully inspire the whole country, from the sofas Shrewsbury scene through to any other furniture suppliers across the UK.

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