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Geogrid, a sustainable source of energy source located in Leeds, has won £ 165,000 contract for solar power supply which identifies Nigeria’s leading equipment for African health care. Directed by the author and executive director Ian Emberton, Geogrid spends much time installing solar systems and resting in difficult areas that do not exist in the grid. Business, launched in 2015, has set up solar panels in Spain and the UK, and Ghana, which allows people in rural areas to end up with independent dependence and final dependence on the generator.

The African Health Treaty will increase energy efficiency in Nigeria to deliver essential services and services to remote networks, used by photovoltaic solar panels (PV). Advice is best from its innovative techniques and uses a large amount of information in the fight against diseases, eg jungle fever and prevention of disease and spreading diseases.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to put in place the potential of solar power within the good utilization that will make a great deal of treatment for people in a larger Nigerian society,” said Ian Emberton, a member of the area from the Leeds city that sends the Export Exchange System.

He continued: “Geogrid is coming to understand in West Africa, where our solar panels set by the UK, with their sponsorship and technical support, have gained quality qualities, we are happy to enable people to do their improper ability, have a strong desire to work with African Health , which is very trustworthy, since it has a great impact on building people’s lives in that part of the world. Through our contribution to Export Exchange, we have begun to complete our freight transportation, through the support of batteries for solar panels, which means that we can ensure reliable contact with customer and customer in the taxation process, which is more important to export.”

With organizations, for example, Seabrook Crisps, Huddersfield Town Club and Harrogate Football Taylors, Emberton is one of the 60 “supporters,” or experience suppliers, who are part of Export Exchange’s law firm. Program followers participate in meeting direct leadership with a section of 90 suppliers who have joined a free program.

The African Health Charter will develop semi-permanent and non-permanent Nigerian health care services to deliver essential services and equipment to remote networks, used by photovoltaic solar panels (PV). Advice is best for its cutting-edge and uses great information in the fight against diseases, for example, the fever and the spread of diseases and epidemics. Export Exchange is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund and enhanced by the Leeds City Trade Association and the International Trade Department, with various private authorities in the private area.

The election is now open for Ports of the PD Power Northern Export Award on HSBC and the International Trade Department. This is a wonderful opportunity to put in place the potential of solar power within the good utilization. The international exchange campaigns are trying to identify many retailers who have entered northern England.

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