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Inadequate carbon (iv) oxide is an issue of great concern as it is causing the food to freeze. Online supplies by the retailers has also been brought to a stand-still as they are finding it difficult to deliver food that require ice as a preservative.

Solid Carbon (iv) oxide commonly known as dry is usually produced through cooling of the gas and there after exerting it under prescribed pressure. Low production of carbon (iv) oxide gas in Europe is the result of this shortage. This product is commonly used by the multi-temperature vehicles that transports frozen food from suppliers to the consumers. It also carries food products that require temperatures of the immediate surrounding and chilled food.

Circulation of the notice concerning ice shortage was first aired out by Ocado notifying the customers about the regional shortage of CO2 that was affecting the United Kingdom as a whole. This therefore meant that they will not be able to supply a variety of frozen food items. However, Ocado assured the consumers that the issue will be put under control in a short time. Since then,no word has been heard from Ocado again. Claims by the Grocer suggests that the online retailers are minimising provision of the food product in an attempt to avoid running down of dry ice completely due to lack of CO2.

Shortage of ice is proving to be a problem facing the whole industry at large after getting the first announcement from Ocado which is just a retailer. Nevertheless, another website that is owned by Morrison passed another notice to its customers concerning the dry ice shortage that would effect the supply of frozen food.

The contents of the notice were that the supply problem of the frozen food stuffs cropped up as a result of the CO2 shortage affecting the United Kingdom as a whole. The notice also expressed its disappointment by begging customers to remain calm as the issue was being dealt with. The website also shared hopeful messages by providing alternative food products that were fresh for its customers.

Morison’s spokes person also gave his comments concerning the issue. He urged the customers to bear with them whenever they will find their valued products unavailable but he also assured them that the problem was being dealt with accordingly. Moreover he said that a wide variety of fresh food products that were like the frozen ones were available and that their provision was to resume shortly.

Information from one retailer also admitted that the shortage of dry ice was affecting the whole frozen delivery service industry at large which the key preservative for the frozen food products. More information from the retail suggested the urgency in the matter by urging the relevant bodies to deal with the crisis quickly as it was to be a big disaster if it was not going to be attended to urgently.

A contradicting statement came from one specialist dealing with frozen food stating that the issue of dry ice shortage is not affecting them because their mode of preserving and delivering food is by the use of refrigerated vehicles. This however sounded like another charter in the food preservative industry as an alternative solution.

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